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We seek to provide artists and arts organizations with relevant and useful resources to enrich, promote and expand their creative endeavors for the good of the community.

Press Contacts

A list of press contacts for media outlets in the Clatsop County area to help you promote your upcoming arts event or program. Updated as of August 2022. If you are a media person, please let us know if we should add you or your outlet to the list.

Clatsop County Arts Organization

A list of arts and cultural organizations operating in the Clatsop County area. You can use this as a starting point for making connections and networking with other like-minded organizations and individuals in the community.

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Art Galleries

A list of art galleries that operate in and/or serve the Clatsop County area. We encourage all community members to check out these valuable cultural resources. If your gallery is missing from the list, please contact us so we can update.

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